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Product Type : Weight training

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  • Want big muscular veiny Viking Arms? Blood restriction training have been a well-guarded secret, used by top level athletes for years. Studies have shown multiple benefits related to blood restriction training, and we in Vikingstrength are a proud supplier to the commercial marked. Start intensifying your workout with Vikingstrength today!
  • Want muscles without lifting heavy and damaging your joints? Blood restriction training is only stopping blood from leaving the muscle, not entering, meaning you will experience an amazing pump, forcing your muscles to grow. Use weight with 15-30% of your 1RM, and get the same results as your 80% 1RM
  • Do not hold back your potential: Be the first in your gym to benefit from this science and leave your competitions behind! Find your inner VIKING and destroy your goals!
  • What is included? Vikingstrength Nylon Bag, 2 Vikingstrength occlusion straps for arms, 2 Vikingstrength occlusion straps for legs, Vikingstrength Work Hard Play Hard wrist band, Vikingstrength VIP card.
  • Covered by Vikingstrength lifetime warranty: We are so confident in our products that we offer 100% money back guaranty.

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