Vikingstrength Tick Grip
Vikingstrength Tick Grip
Vikingstrength Tick Grip
Vikingstrength Tick Grip
Vikingstrength Tick Grip
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    Vikingstrength Tick Grip

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    • FASTER GAINS - Recruit more muscle fibers in your chest, back, tricep, bicep and forearms to increase strength and muscle mass. Used by bodybuilders, fitness models, crossfitters and soldiers from the norwegian army (HMKG/GSV).
    • INCREASE GRIP STRENGTH - Make any bar or machine grip thicker to maximise your grip strength. Thicker grips makes a much greater muscle activation which leads to stronger and more muscular arms.
    • PREVENT IMBALANCE AND INJURIES - Reduce stress and pressure on hands, wrists and fingers by spreading the weight over a larger surface. Use this after an injury to recover faster.
    • INCREASE YOUR BIG LIFTS LIKE DEADLIFTS AND T BAR ROW - A strong grip is crucial for your strength progress. You are not stronger than your weakest link. Your back may be lifting 300 pounds but your forearms can only handle 150 pounds. Strengthen your grips with Vikingstrength thick grip and experience a dramatically progress in your overall strength.
    • 100% SILICONE - Long lasting quality material makes the grips durable in any condition. There is no rubber smell or toxic materials as in many other products. The heavy duty silicon makes the grips very flexible and it will fit most workout equipment perfectly.


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