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Product Type : Dip belt

Sku : BW-KVK5-JV1L

The Vikingstrength Dip Belt is the ultimate tool for strength and muscle gains. Whether you're looking to add an extra inch to your arms, widen your back, or strengthen your glutes, this dip belt is the perfect addition to your training routine. With its comfortable material and long, strong chain, this belt can handle any weight, making it perfect for challenging yourself by adding extra weight to your typical body weight exercises like triceps dips, pull-ups, squats, and more.

But that's not all! With your purchase of the Vikingstrength Dip Belt, you also get our popular workout wrist wraps, providing you with brace protection while you train. Don't let wrist injuries prevent you from reaching your goals. With the Vikingstrength Dip Belt, you can train heavy and protect yourself at the same time.

We at Vikingstrength take pride in our solid craftsmanship, and it shows in our dip belt. The belt is double-stitched for added durability, extra wide for comfort, made from solid neoprene material, and equipped with a long, strong chain to prevent unpleasantness. The solid carbine hook ensures that your belt stays in place during heavy training, and the belt squat attachment for rack makes it a perfect addition to your belt squat.

Whether you're using it for a weighted pull-up belt, a belt squat attachment, or a weighted dip belt, the Vikingstrength Dip Belt is the perfect choice. The belt with chain makes it perfect for weight lifting chains and weight chains, allowing you to train harder and reach your goals faster. So why wait? Get your Vikingstrength Dip Belt today and start seeing the results you want!