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Product Type : triceps rope

Sku : KF-7CZL-239V

Introducing the Vikingstrength triceps rope, the ultimate cable rope attachment for gym enthusiasts looking to transform their triceps, arms, back, abs, glutes, and more. With its unique design, the Vikingstrength triceps rope allows for a next level range of motion, allowing you to pull back further and lower than ever before. The variation of handle lengths makes every exercise easier to do and your form will be much better. Use the lower handles of this tricep pulldown rope to enjoy a greater range of motion, or grab the higher handles to use it as a regular gym rope.

One of the standout features of the Vikingstrength triceps rope is its superior grip. The neoprene handles give you a strong and comfortable grip, ensuring that the rope won't slip with sweat like all the other tricep straps and tricep ropes you've tried at your gym. Additionally, the great design minimizes stress on your wrists, allowing you to focus on your form rather than worrying about keeping hold of the rope.

When you purchase the Vikingstrength triceps rope, you'll also receive a free V-Strength Fitness App. This app includes a triceps workout that will make your triceps ready for Valhalla! The V-Strength app is the only "all-in-one" fitness app you will ever need. It allows you to track, plan, and analyze your workouts with a market-leading interface design. You can choose between pre-made workouts or design your own training plan, with access to over 750 exercises and in-depth instructions.

Whether you're looking to take your compound and isolation exercises to the next level, or you're searching for a long rope cable attachment that will help you achieve the best range of motion, the Vikingstrength triceps rope is the perfect choice. This rope cable attachment for gym is designed to be used with a cable machine and is perfect for tricep rope pulldowns. Achieve the Viking body of your dreams with the Vikingstrength triceps rope today!